• "If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?"
    Albert Einstein

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Concentration is the ability to focus mind on one specific object or thought, and at the same time removing any other thought, idea or feeling from the mind. It is also defined as capability of doing one thing at a time rather than skipping from one topic to another which results in losing attention, energy and time. During concentration only one thought occupies the mind.

The potential to command the mind and control attention is not easy, it requires training. Many people lack capacity to control their attention. Concentration is not an uncommon activity, it happens almost every day to almost every one. The power of concentration is very important to carry out day to day activities successfully. If your mind runs away from research topic, you cannot conclude it efficiently. This leaves a very great impact on the quality of life you maintain.

Maintaining strong concentration will raise your will power. One of the most important advantages of refining your concentration skills is that it increases your mental performance. One of adequate technique is Meditation, which can help greatly in establishing the power of concentration. Besides, Writing is another best way to boost mental abilities and concentration as it requires paying full attention on the topic. Moreover, Reading, books is another good way to develop concentration skills.