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    Albert Einstein

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Fundamentals of SOA (Semiconductor Optical Amplifier)

Prior to the presentation of optical speakers, achieve development was accomplished by means of regenerators. A regenerator is likewise called optical-electrical-optical (OEO) gadget since it changes over the optical sign to an electrical sign.

The presentation of optical fibers in the 1990s, overwhelm the regenerator innovation and opened ways to the WDM innovation. There are different sorts of optical enhancers relying upon the method of intensifying, in particular SOA (semiconductor optical amplifiers), EDFA and Raman speaker.

The SOA is utilized as a part of exhibited of uses, for example, wavelength change, signal recovery, heartbeat reshaping and power restricting SOA has been extremely valuable in longhaul, metro, and get to fast optical systems since SOAs are commercially accessible in diverse structure calculates and as indicated by the applications.

The fundamental working guideline of a SOA is the same as a semiconductor laser yet without input. SOAs intensify episode light through empowered emanation. An electrical pump current is utilized to energize the electrons in the dynamic area of the SOA. At the point when the optical sign goes through the dynamic district, it makes these electrons lose vitality as photons and return to the ground state.

The key parameters used to characterize a SOA are gain, gain bandwidth, saturation output power and noise. It is important that the SOA has a high power saturation level to remain in the linear working region and to have higher dynamic range.