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3D Touch-The New Era of iPhone

Nowadays, demands of Smartphone with latest technology are growing rapidly. Smartphone has become a part of life. Everyone likes to stay connected with the current high tech/telecommunication. Users always look forward for something new. As there is a saying “change is a Law of nature”. So, engineers always try to add something new to their product to grab the attention of the user.

To make their product the eyeball of the user, Apple introduces new features to iphone, 3D Touch. This spectacular feature brings a new age of functionality to the iPhone which have been experienced after years. With the amazing feature user can now feel how much pressure they apply to the display.

Using 3D Touch is easy and simple. But the genius mind behind it is extremely advanced. iOS provide fast, accurate and continuous response to finger pressure which is only possible with deep combination with software and hardware.

There are many ways by which simply pressing deeper can make a better experience of what you are doing.

  1. Introducing Peek and Pop
  2. Grab a look at your website before you actually go there
  3. View the photo's you have taken while you are still taking new one's
  4. Get a Peek at a location just by pressing an address
  5. Quick Actions: Shortcut to the things you do the most
  6. Introducing Live Photos
  7. Live Photos or select from the Dynamic Wallpapers that come with iOS
  8. Apps and games will never feel the same again: pressure-sensitive drawing, Peek and Pop, Quick Actions.
  9. An improvement in design accelerate even further

3D Touch interface brings revolution in the touch screen interaction. The inclusion of fabulous feature “pressure-sensitive screen” made it heart of user interaction with iOS.

Get experience of 3D Touch in your Smartphone!