Which Field is best for Thesis In M.TECH(CSE).

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Hello Sir/Madam Greetings
I am a M.Tech Student and I really don't have any idea about the fields in which I can purse my Thesis. I want to do my research on a topic which can be utilized in IT Industry. Can you please give a brief guidance on Topics which are related to IT Industry.

There are various Topics in which M.Tech student can complete their thesis i.e. cloud computing, sentiment analysis and Machine learning etc. But according to me, the following topics are the core research areas which would be helpful in the near future:

1. Big Data Analysis: Highly computational, it is not possible on one system so need more system. Distributed computing like Hadoop, Window and CLOUDERA.

2. Text Mining: Run NLTK, MALLAT properly in your thesis. Nowadays, companies are open in using these tools.

3. VANET NETWORK SYSTEM and RUN OMNET++. SUMO is open for vehicle communication industries.

4. Clinical Decision Prediction: Prediction of disease by seeing the feature of patients. We can do this by making use of Java and Python.

5. Also, if you work on core languages Java, Python and simulators, OMNET++ and NS3 are more beneficial instead of using prediction tools like MATLAB because it is of much industrial need as much as other needs.

Posted By: Aman