• "If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?"
    Albert Einstein

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Social Media Data Mining Captures Pulse Of Millions Of Users

Social Media Data Mining capture pulse of humanity which directly study opinions of users to improve innovation, strengthen the effectiveness of communication channel and better relationship. It also facilitates limitless opportunities for companies to receive feedback on their product and services. The growing adoption of social media during emergencies has created golden chances for information propagation that would not exist otherwise.

Prime objective of data mining process is to handle large scale data and gain insightful knowledge. Social media data is vast, noisy, distributed, unstructured and dynamic.

People posts situation sensitive information related to what they experience or hear from other sources. Information posted to social media platform in time and safety-critical circumstances can be of great value. The American Red Cross (ARC) recently opened their Social Media Digital Operational Centre for Humanitarian Relief. The goal of the centre is to better serve those people who need help, predict public needs effectively and connect people with the resources like food, water, shelter and emotional support. This practice allows both affected population and those outside the impact zone to learn about the situation first hand and in near real time.