• "If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?" - Albert Einstein

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Defining Finesse and Prowess


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  • Deals with real life problems
  • Solutions to concrete problems
  • Feasibility
  • No connotation


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  • Achieve Goals
  • Gives direction to research
  • Proceed in right direction
  • Implemented Efficiently and Effectively
  • Fruitful Recommendations


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  • Set-up Objective
  • Solution to Concrete Implementation
  • Unique and Precise solution
  • Deals with all Aspects of the Problem


Technical Consulting

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  • Accelerate Innovation
  • Quick Prototype Ideas
  • Expertise on Variety of Domains
  • Handle Prototype Needs

Paper Publishing

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  • Publish Research in Journal or Conference
  • Network with Other Scholars
  • Refine the Ideas

Professional Training

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  • Matlab Simulink
  • NS2, NS-3 (Network Simulators)
  • C, C++
  • Java and Opnet

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Our team is best in providing assistance in all the facets of thesis writing in all the fields. Whether it is thesis writing, problem formulation, implementation or publishing the research papers in international journals (IEEE, Springer); we are always ready to provide you the top notch services for accomplishment of your tasks successfully. Join us and experience the services of best thesis team not only in Chandigarh but in whole North India.

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  1. Image restoration
  2. image compression
  3. image enhancement
  4. image classification
  5. MANET
  6. Intrusion Detection
  7. VANET
  8. Traffic congestion control
  9. Iris reorganization
  10. Coin recognization
  11. Wi-max
  12. Security
  13. Botnet
  14. Body area network
  15. Medical images analysis
  16. Biometrics (palm.face etc.)

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Software Engineering
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  1. Default prediction
  2. quality analysis
  3. Requirement prediction
  4. Case based software eng.
  5. Re usability
  6. Software component Reterival
  7. SRS prediction
  8. Automated testing
  9. Agile methods

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  1. Energy Aware scheduling
  2. Networking aware scheduling
  3. Virtual machine migration
  4. Scheduling of task
  5. Workflow scheduling
  6. Security in cloud
  7. Trust based cases in cloud

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  1. Sentiment analysis
  2. Opinion mining
  3. Spam detection and filtering
  4. Text classification
  5. Name entity Recognization
  6. Relation extraction
  7. Machine translation

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  1. Ant colony
  2. Honey bee optimization
  3. Genetic algorithm
  4. neural Network
  5. Graphical model
  6. Speech recognition
  7. speech translation

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Matlab: Fundamentals & Programming

A comprehensive coverage of Matlab right from scratch up to programming and scripting functions. The course also touches upon advanced topics like data analysis, data import/export, structures, curve-fitting, regression, vectorization, debugging, etc. The course discusses guidelines for optimal and efficient programming in Matlab. This course is a must for those intending to start using Matlab for algorithm building in industry, academia or research. Request us a peek into the course.

Model Based Design using Simulink

The course prepares trainees for designing dynamic systems with emphasis on model-based design techniques. Built-in libraries are discussed in detail driven by examples and problem-solving. Simulations and solver setting are taught for full control on result precision & accuracy. Powerful concepts of Masking, creating user-defined libraries, and creating fixed-point datatypes are shown with real-world applications. The course entails guidelines on good modelling practices used by the industry. Request us a peek into the course.

Introduction to Image Processing Toolbox

A head-start course to see & learn image-processing in action using the vast library of built-in functions. Learning these new tools is led by some cool proprietary GUIs we have built at Planck Tech. These GUIs are designed to help a trainee grasp intricate features and options provided by built-in functions for common tasks like contrast-stretching, straight-line & circle finding, deblurring, filtering in frequency domain, corner-locating, etc. As Matlab is indispensable in industry for image processing automation, this course is a must for those looking to accelerate their image-processing job using Matlab. Request us a peek into the course.

  1. Modelling Logic with Stateflow

1. Introduction

2. Modelling Logic Systems

3. State Machines

4. Implementing Supervisory Logic

5. Constructing Truth Tables

6. Matlab Programming in Stateflow

7. Parallel State Machines

  1. Matlab Jump-Start

1. Interface & Basic commands

2. Vectors & Matrices

3. Plots

4. Basic Statistics

5. Programming

  1. Modelling & Simulations using Simulink

1. Introduction to Simulink Environment

2. Modelling Basics

3. Advanced Modelling & Features

4. Simulations & Solver Choice

5. Modelling Control Flow

  1. Control Systems Design using Matlab & Simulink

1. System Representations

2. Analysis Tools in Control Systems Toolbox

3. Discretization of Continuous Time systems

4. Linearizing Models

5. Controller Design Tools

  1. Digital Signal Processing using Matlab

1. Computing Transforms - numerical and symbolic

2. DFT using FFT

3. Convolutions

4. Filter Design

5. Sampling and Resampling

6. Power Spectrum Estimation

  1. Physical Modelling using Simscape & SimPowerSystems

1. Introduction to Physical Domain Modelling

2. Simscape & Electrical Systems Library

3. Modelling with SimPowerSystems

  1. Advanced Concepts in Simulink

1. Subsystems, Kinds of

2. Libraries & Masks

3. S-functions: Level-II & S-Fcn Builder

4. Programmatic Simulations & Misc. Topics

  1. Implementing Genetic Algorithms in Matlab

1. Philosophy of GAs

2. Genetic operations

3. GAs for 2D optimisation problems

4. GAs for 3D optimisation problems

Matlab, Simulink and all other toolbox names mentioned here are registered trademarks of

The Mathworks Inc, MA, USA.


Our thesis team members are having a rich experience in their respective fields. It is our confidence enriched with experience and skill set that has enabled us to reach culminated solution of each and every problem we encounter with. Either it is thesis implementation, assistance in thesis writing, project development or any facet related to thesis, assignment or project, we will cooperate you through all. Embedding our prowess with our experience, we are confident that we will provide you with the best of our services.

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